Friday, July 6, 2012

back to my story...last Wednesday

A stop at The Center was a must after all the time I have been talking about it to Uta and the art tribe online. I took her through a tour of everything.  The Log Cabins for the Arts, The Lodge, The Herb Cottage and here, The Wayside Chapel.

The chapel garden.

Hi Uta!

And then, on across the street to The Farm.

Of course, I have to take more pictures of the animals again and again and again...  Uta did too.

Then we were on our way to Julie's for dinner and a dip...

and a little music from Brent, poolside.


Glenn Stenson said...

Thank you so much for sharing all your adventures with that crazy Aussie artist. I have enjoyed the history of Chicago's art and the whole shebang. Not sure I can replicate all the fun here. Do you think running through the sprinkler and a McDonald's play area will do the trick?

april said...

A little bit more to post, Glenn. And yes she will be thrilled with running through the sprinkler and diving into the McDonald's play area!

Laura said...

Love listening to you stories April..thanks again for sharing.